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When I went to Scarborough Faire a couple weeks ago, I ran across this teeny tiny stall, where a man was selling colorful, cotton dresses.  I didn’t have the money to buy one at the time, but I know I have to share this absolute brilliance with you.

I love multi-way design, and this is the first 35-way (!!) garment I’ve seen that appeals to my engineer side so strongly. It’s a hexagon skirt (inspired by the shape of a basic carbon molecule) attached to a tube bodice, with drawstrings, a zipper, and two pockets. In it’s most basic form, it is a sun dress, but it can be anything – a poncho, a pair of pants, a tote bag, or a pillow (as well as many other styles of dress). Mr. Rock Ridgeway has been working on the design for decades, finally perfecting it and selling it all over the world.

I’m not endorsing or advertising Cameleon Clothes… I’m just so excited about the concept that I thought it was worth sharing. :3 So, if you are interested, check out Rock’s website and get one for yourself!! :D It’s definitely on my list of larger-purchases-in-the-near-future. ^^

With Love and Good Vibrations,


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TeeWrex – How I Work

Now, some of you have asked how I do this stuff – How I design, how I work with the tee-shirts, etc. Well, here’s the first vLog for The Forgotten Doll/TeeWrex! Watch the video below, and see the magic unfold!

I’m working with an Idylle brand tee I got at the Resale shop. I take you through my whole design process, from concept to construction!

Things I reference:
Alphonse Mucha: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphonse_Mucha
Olfa Rotary Cutters and mats: http://www.olfa.com/splash.aspx
Idylle: http://www.idylleclothing.com/shop.html (turns out I *should* have heard of this brand by now! Gorgeous stuff. )
Merry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_%28band%29

Thanks for reading and watching!! <3



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Lately, turning men’s shirts into skirts has been popular, but I’m not really a fan of the typical sleeves-to-gores method. So when I found a wonderful XXL Avirex label button-down at the thrift store, I knew it was destined for greatness. I proceeded to cut off the bottom half of the shirt, using the column of buttons as the main closure for the skirt. I drafted and cut a skirt yoke, figured out how jeans pockets work, and gathered and sewed it all together. This is the result! (thanks to my soul-sister Emily for the photos!)

I still have to work out a couple kinks, but overall I'm pretty satisfied. :3

I love how this fabric has that "classy punk" feel. <3 I'm gonna seek out more from this Avirex brand. All those brands they sell at The Buckle look ideal, too... so expensive and pretty tho... ;_;

Here’s the back. I had to cut off the bottom “flappies” of the original shirt to keep it from looking too, well… shirt-like. ^^;

This was a really fun challenge. The pockets were like working out a puzzle, since the side seams of the shirt had been flat-felled. I finished them the lazy way, but I think next time I do this I’ll re-do most of the seam. ^^ Also, working with dress shirt fabric is, ah… interesting. It washes beautifully, but it wrinkles like the dickens. xD

This design (not this skirt – your shirt turned into a similar one) is going up on the TeeWrex.Etsy.com store in a matter of days!! :D

As a special bonus, I’m also wearing my next jacket mod project. When I found these two shirts, I knew their “victorian tattoo” designs needed to be incorporated together somehow. Well, I began looking for a jacket… Ashley found EXACTLY what I needed when we were at Lula-B’s, and I set to work!

This is quickly becoming my "nerdy punk jacket", with tape measure appliques, odd religious paraphernalia,what have you. Don't you just love those diesel-punk details and that Victorian Military color and cut??

"His eye is on the Sparrow". The rest will be added later. :3

The back is unfinished, but turning out awesome. Roses crawling over the shoulders, a winged handshake (o_o?), and the enigmatic "Revolving Punk" moniker applique'd as a flying banner (I'm particularly proud of that one).

(Don’t forget you can click on the pictures to see them full size! :D)

My style has been all over the place lately. Some days I feel like looking exactly like a boy, sometimes I want to feel like some sort of cute biker chick gothette, and other days I dress like a sweet pastel Lolita princess (or a sweet pastel Gothic princess, take your pick). Since I just moved house and not all my clothes are here (similar to my situation in December), working within a limited wardrobe has forced me to become even more creative with my daily style, as well as wear my favorite clothes more often. This is an exercise I recommend to every fashion-savvy individual looking to update their look, as well as get the most out of their existing wardrobe. (Actually, it occurs to me that Doe Deere is doing something similar this week. :) )

Oh, I also made some more headway on the Marquis of Vaudeville costumes… My Lord, they look so beautiful so far…

Love and Creativity,


P.S. Oh, remind me to blog about the carbon-atom-based dresses I learned about at Scarbie. This designer is a mad scientist after my own heart… <3

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two projects on the table. Check out the matched stripes on the vest!! :D

So, we’ve finally finished shopping for fabric for the Marquis of Vaudeville costume project. We juuuust might have a debut date set, so momentum is high. I’ll be working tirelessly on these until I get a job interview (whenever that might be, economy mumble obama mumble etc). I’m having a lot of fun on these – I’m sooo proud of the mitering job I did on the drummer’s striped vest! (helpful hint for working with plaids and stripes: color on your paper patterns *wink*)

All I hope is that he doesn’t end up looking like one of those traffic signs that mean “DO NOT CRASH INTO ME”… >_>;;

Now I’m working on the velvet bits of the singer’s tailcoat-waistcoat set. :3 But I’m also concerned about the band members heating up – most of these fabrics are thick, and we couldn’t afford the fancy, breathable, not-polyester silks… v_v But it’s all part of the adventure! We’re gonna finish this project, learn from it, and do even better in the future! :D

じゃ、私たちはMarqus of Vaudveilleの服装の布地のショッピングを終わりました!デビューの日をしているでしょうから、はずみがついてくる。仕事の面接をするまで、この服装にがんばりますよ!ちょう楽しいし、たくさん新しい技術を生得しました!でも、あの赤いで黒いベストは道路標識みたいかなあ。。。^^;

With love and excitement,


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To my dear friends who are joining me here,

I’m moving house and looking for work, so TeeWrex is on vacation for a short while! I’ll be back in full force within a week or two. Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to make this blog bilingual – I’m practicing Japanese so Ashley and I can start a business there some day! :D So if you see any mistakes, please correct them in the comments. I really appreciate it!




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Hey guys, had a little break for some real life stuff, but now I’m ready to show you my latest Lolita endeavor. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

Hard Rock Rococo

hand-gathered/elastic-gathered neckline

If Marie Antionette lived today and had a penchant for the macabre...

Hand-gathered ruffled hem

...she would wear this.

full shot of the dress front

Funny enough, most people notice the amazing *print* first (Alexander Henry, fyi)

full back of the dress

... and then they're surprised I made it myself! (Hopefully that doesn't mean the print is more interesting than my design! ^^; )

another shot of the dress front

I designed the dress, drafted all the patterns, and sewed and pleated the entire thing.

torso detail

I did some crazy cutting to make the pleats exactly how I wanted! I even made piping to go between the bodice and skirt.

I started Hard Rock Rococo in October – this gorgeous skulls/roses/card suit/fleur de lis/baroque/crowns/butterflies fabric was love at first sight for me. I actually designed the dress *for* the print. x3

I like to think of this dress as a study in contradictions. Sweet lolita but also Gothic, pink but macabre, tailored but tacky, artistic but absurd.

If you look closely at the white ruffling at the neckline and hem (remember, you can always click on a photo see it full size), you’ll see that it’s not pure white – rather, it’s white-on-white printed fabric. I love the delicate, subtle detail this stuff adds to a project – I don’t think I’ll use plain white fabric ever again! <3

I will make or commission a feather fascinator to go with this, possibly involving a bird skull (found or replica). But for now, I have my Scala top hat and my vintage pearl choker to come along for the ride. ^^ I officially debuted this dress at the Marquis of Vaudeville promo appearance at the Steampunk Evening event in Irving last month!

So, what do you think? Awful or Awesome? Let me know in the comments!



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