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Hello, dear readers! I’ve had a very productive week. The June 12th Marquis show was wonderful – we had 51 people at the club for our show! Details for the August show are solidifying, so more on that later. :3

At the urging of several of my successful acquaintances, I had some business cards printed up. So far, I’ve gotten a really positive response. :)

It's done in the style of a Victorian Calling card, with my own touches of whimsy added in. Stock by FlowerSong.DeviantArt.com

I also finished my first necktie reconstruction for Mr. Michael Earhart. He likes to wear interesting ties while he’s playing onstage with his band, Jimmy Adcock and the Texas Surfers, so with some old neckties, guitar picks, and a drill press, I made this for him.

Mr. Earhart of Main Street School of Music

Mr. Earhart loves his "new" tie! I took guitar lessons at his music school. :)

Close-up of the "guitar pick bandoleer"

In the close-up, you can see the "bandoleer" effect from the colorful, slanted picks.

It’s not a perfect job… I need to be more careful when re-sewing the tie together (there was a bit of twisting), and the picks aren’t perfectly straight, but both of us are really happy with the results! :) I’ll be doing a “guitar neck” tie with frets and dots and strings next. ^o^/ And, when I get my hands on some more ties, I’ll make these to sell on the Etsy page!

In other news, I’m officially going to FIT in the fall! I’m still not quite sure how I’ll pay for the whole thing, but God will provide, as He always has.

Love and blessings,

Naomi a.k.a. kagitsune


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Hello, dear readers. Last saturday we did the most essential step on the costumes – fitting. I temporarily sewed up each garment, then pin-fitted them for each member of the band. Turns out there won’t be too many major changes… everything looks great so far. Only the bassist’s vest needs to be lengthened – even though I’ll have to re-cut it, we happen to have tons of that navy blue fabric. ^^ I hope to get some help on the details on these costumes… soooo many welt pockets. @__@;; Debut date is set for August 7th!!

I have acquired over 15 new (old) tee-shirts to modify. Most of these will be made into sample accessories. I’ll photograph them as examples, then sell the originals, making new ones to-order. Get ready for purses and really angsty/politically disgruntled punk jackets!

Fooh, I’m tired. Nap-time before work, GO!

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So, while I was searching for jobs, Trench and I stopped in at the place where I used to take my guitar lessons – Earhart Electronics (they repair instruments and sell accessories, too). Turns out Mr. Earhart remembered me, and we started talking about what I’ve been up to. Naturally, I told him about the TeeWrex, and he was interested. “Can you do anything to a necktie?”  I considered for a moment – yes, I could figure something out.  Trench made the amazing suggestion of a bandoleer of guitar picks…

アルバイトを探すとき、私とトレンチ君はギターの学科をした店(Earhart エレクトロニクス)に行きました。Earhartさんは私を覚えるし、TeeWrexについて話しました。”ね、ネックタイを使えるの?” はい、何かできるでしょう。トレンチ君はこのスゲーなギターピックの「タン薬帯」を作りました。。。


Yes, crappy picture, but better ones of the competed project are on the way! ^o^ I need to re-align some of the straps (made from a second unwanted tie) and drill holes into the picks Mr. Earhart gave me for the project.

下手な写真かなぁ。。。でも、もうすぐ、もっといいのをとってつもりですよ!^o^ 一も二ステップをしなくちゃ。。。

Next one will be a whole guitar neck, with frets and dots… :D


So, I asked on the Etsy boards about running a service-ish business like mine. Most people thought it was a good idea, but it’d take a lot to get customers to go through the trouble of sending me their tees. Also, I need more examples, and pictures. However, one slightly frightening possibility arose – my business might be labeled as “tailoring” and not allowed on Etsy! o_o;; Thankfully, the Etsy help guys came to my rescue, and said that as long as I show examples, have set prices, and make the nature of my business clear, it counts as “custom work” and is allowed. *sigh of relief* Yaay, doomsday averted. (これはあまり面白くないと思いますよ。^^;)

The family I’m spending the summer with is pretty supportive of my projects – they even donated some tee-shirts for me to make more examples (which I’ll also sell)! However, there were a couple with Japanese or Chinese phrases printed on them. To be sure I wasn’t selling something that said “radish” or “prostitute”, I used my handy-dandy Canon Wordtank to look ’em up… but this one alluded me until about 20 minutes ago.


I knew the small writing on the left read "daisuki", or "I love...". But what were the big kanji??

After some frustrated searching, I finally went to the website that made the tee (www.cosmic-world.net). And you know what it says?

“Awamori”. Awamori is a strong Okinawan distilled rice wine. “Awamori Daisuki” is a casual way of saying, “I love hard Japanese liquor”



The only problem with this discovery is turning the tee into something that isn’t totally disrespectful! xD


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