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… with this city and a famous designer’s work from the past 26 years.

A few days ago, I visited some of the flea markets on 25th street, including a really big, amazing one in a parking garage. I found a cloche hat that actually fit me, rows and rows of paper ephemera, Chinese-themed nick-nacks, and some wonderfully-dressed people:

This lovely young lady was kind enough to let me take her photo. And yes, her dress is vintage. :3

This man's mix-and-match style and attitude really caught my eye. And you gotta love that crazy belt buckle... xD

Back shot! I love the details on his shirt and jeans. Beautiful!

The lovely sir at this booth is man after my own heart. I love the quiet creepiness of these dilapidated Clown automata and dismembered dolls. For more delightfuls, check http://www.loandbeholdantiques.com

I came away from that flea market with a mind full of inspiration. Almost as much as I did when I started to learn about John Galliano. Funny enough, he trained as an architect and has had his own version of a roller coaster life, but ultimately ending up as one of the most unique, influential designers in the business today. I suppose that’s encouraging to me, who started out as an engineering major and is definitely living on a wing and prayer (lots and lots of prayers).

Actually, I’m pretty behind on the whole “who’s who” in fashion thing. I’m just now learning the difference between Dior, Givenchy, and Balenciaga. Up till now, I only knew that certain people were famous, and I like Alexander McQueen’s work, and that’s about it. Now I’ve learned that I love Martin Margiela, adore Kawakubo (and co.), and that I am gradually saving up for some Manolo Blahnik shoes with a matching Steven Jone’s hat. xD

I’ll do a more proper blog post on my newest fashion obsession at some point, but there’s a Lolita Picnic article still waiting to be written. ^^;

I love you all!



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… you don’t just sit and let it pass. You write it down, sketch it out.

And you don’t stop there. You don’t just record the idea, you make the idea into reality. Use whatever resources you have at hand, no matter how meager.

Don’t wait to be taught how to do it. Ask someone, or figure it out yourself, and do it. Play.

Leftover strips of fabric… 3 weeks of classes… and an open classroom.

I know that I am taking a great risk, putting a novel idea out on the internet for anyone to look at, but sharing ideas and inspiration is “the change I wish to see in the world”.

So this plus this:

Van Gogh's "Starry Night"…yields this idea:

…and this fledgling reality.

The left front of the bodice-to-be. Right side will come later...

I imagine the finished dress in crinkled strips of blue, gold, and purple silk arranged on a black organza underdress... but strips of muslin pinned to a dressform will serve for now.

This shall be a sort of cross between a low-backed evening dress and an elegantly revealing halter. I think showing a little of the "side boob" adds the perfect touch of quiet sexiness. :)

Tendrils coming down the back, a preview of the full effect. There will be a crinoline for the finished dress; but for now, I just want to see how the wrapped and tacked fabric might look. It looks better than I had imagined!

detail of the curls at the small of the back.

I so desperately love this sort of work. I could cut and sew beautiful dramatic things for-ever. I want to make costumes and wonderful things… I want to dress all sorts of people people for the most beautiful moments of their lives. I don’t want to be famous. I just want to live and work with joy and dignity.

Love and Blessings,

Naomi R. (The Forgotten Doll)


EDIT: Added watermarks to images.

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I am so glad I brought my camera with me yesterday morning, because I met these lovely ladies:

The young lady on the left’s outfit reminds me of the Natural Kei or Dolly Style that’s been gaining popularity in Japan. But when I asked, “what do you call this?”, she said she doesn’t call it anything at all. :) Whereas Ms. Right’s outfit whispers “quiet, elegant chic”, something I doubt I’ll ever attain. ^^; Thank you so much for letting me photograph you, ladies! :)

Friday night, I went to a small, informal fashion show put together by three young designers, one of which I met at Fashion’s Night Out last Friday. Her name is Arpana Dasgupta, and she is an FIT graduate (!) who is working on her own designer line. The cut, styling, and quality of each piece is impeccable – you have to really hold the clothes to see how well they are made. She produces everything right here in NYC, a business practice I really admire. And the look is riiiight up my alley:

From her A/W 2010 line. Gorgeous!!

Ms. Arpana gave me a good tip at FNO: if you want to really learn fit, study Intimate Apparel. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the body and how clothing fits around it. Hmmmm…

The show itself was pretty good. I could tell most of the models were really having fun walking to the Riverboat Jazz/Techno fusion music. (and I was having fun swaying to it. :D ) I didn’t stay long after, but here are some sketches of what the audience was wearing that night:

Text reads (top to bottom):

Exposed shoulder pads. [The wearer] Just ripped out the sleeves on a jacket!! Wonderful “elegant punk” <3

Beautiful light gray Rayon [?] knit. I’ll take this to Prof. Nier and ask how to do it. Very elegant.

Blue w/ white for a woman who wears her large size well. Would work even better in a Japanese indigo [tie-dye] print. :) (back)

Tonight’s outfit: “McGregor” tartan, apparently. The person I stood behind in line knew about Scottish plaids. [I’ll showcase those epic shorts here eventually]

And here’s a sketch from today’s adventures:

"blue/green tartan (flannel) shirt w/ pale chiffon skirt <3 "

You’ve just got to love that combo of mannish and super-feminine. <3 I saw one more awesomely-dressed person today, and I really (REALLY) wish I’d asked for his picture too, but just picture “casual urban steampunk with an attitude” that goes beyond brown-with-a-vest. :D

What do you think of this format, with the little street fashion sketches? Does it look silly on a blog? Or does it give insight? Please let me know~

Love and blessings,

Naomi R.

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Since it’s officially been a month since I moved here, I decided it was time to make the Epic New York City post of Epicness. My Uncle gave me a camera, which I’ve using a lot, and I took pictures above the clouds of Texas, in the forests and meadows of Indiana, and the gridded-off chaos that is NYC. Orientation is now a distant memory, 3 weeks of school are done, I went to a Lolita picnic, and I miss Eli terribly. I haven’t had much time to work on personal projects… they work you hard here. But then I see the incredible gowns some students finish after studying here for only two years, and I know it’ll all be worth it.

Between cloud layers, from an airplane

After an early breakfast...

an enchanted morning with Eli begins...

Eli is tall, but the trees are taller.

hay bales in meadow

sometimes, the world really does look like a Bob Ross painting.

Eli's mom looking over flowers

As the morning grew, we found something wonderful...

...a butterfly tea party.

I wanted to capture the extreme fluorescent blueness of these flowers, but I guess that's the limit of my camera.

And to go from all that nature to this:

Downtown Manhattan cityscape

...it'd almost break your heart.

It’s not so bad though… the first week I was here, I’d stare down this street and think, in awe, “wow, I actually live here now”.

cityscape near the flatiron building

There's some really cool stuff here. The architecture of this "Flatiron" building is very famous.

I'm really not sure what's up with this artwork. The hole up top sometimes spews steam.... O_o;

I think this image really expresses how dense Manhattan is.

You know, St. Mark's Place has really changed its character (it's mostly ramen shops now), and tattoo shops and weird tee-shirt stores are the last vestiges of its history as a subcultural mecca. You still find awesome stuff like this purple wall, tho.

...and this awesome little bookshop I need to re-visit. :3

So, I'm a huge nerd. I spent a good 10 minutes wandering around the park down there, looking for some concentric circle benchs, so I could pretend to be Neil Gaiman's adorable "Death" character and go, "Peachy Keen!". Eh, good enough. xD

Next time, I’ll post my pictures of the various religious buildings around here… the juxtaposition is astounding.

Or perhaps I’ll post some street fashion photos! There are some really interestingly dressed people around here, and I’m not just talking about the Lolitas. :3

And to finish things off, I’d like to share my newest discovery in the FIT area…

Best. Tag. Ever.

Love and Blessings,

Naomi R.

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