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For my Flat Pattern Design II final project, as a challenge to myself, I added some special limits: each garment would be composed of ONE piece of fabric, with ONE seam holding it together, plus facings and closures.

And I did just that. :)

Front of the Outfit

I figured an asymmetric back closure would suit the overall design.

Jacket laid flat, with "spiral-shawl" collar (I had to break my "one-seam" rule here to satisfy the project requirements) and facings sewn.

Shorts laid flat. Yeah, it looks more like a manta ray than a garment. xD

The shorts zipped up and pinned up, ready to sew.

I also made a video with me  sewing the jacket’s one seam. :)

Yes, I realize that this isn’t the prettiest or the most marketable jacket and suit. It’s not even the most sustainable design (actually, sort of the opposite). In fact, it’s sort of gimmicky. But this experiment represents some of my design ideals. I appreciate challenges, not so much “outside the box” — rather, a different box, a box of my own choosing. Learning the rules – in order to eventually break them – shows you what the real rules are and why they’re there. Hopefully, as I keep breaking the rules, my design sense and technical/business skills will keep up. I do want to sell these things at some point… xD

I have a couple more experiments to show you from the last month or so… so yah, stay tuned. :)

-Naomi R.


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