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Our second-to-last pattern-making project centered around the Dolman sleeve block. This project involved some of my favorite design details (like the in-seam pockets). As an experiment, I also created a hood that flowed into the body as a collar. Next time I’ll angle the hood more towards the front of the body… this one just wanted to fall down.

The latest fashion for Sith lords. xD

I actually like the ripply effect here... on the mannequin. I don't think it'll work on a real person. -_-;

I'm afraid the back isn't terribly attractive. I don't think it's just the muslin... I was trying to create a round silhouette and it came out as long flares. Oh well, next time I know what to do.

For our final non-final-project project (lawl), we worked with the shawl collar block. After seeing a wicked jacket at Atelier (I swear, one day I will attain that level of design confidence), I decided to implement one of my sketchbook ideas from last semester – a partially cut-on, partially set-in sleeve. Oh, and the seam twists around the arm too. >:D Thank you Pattern Magic…

A "backwards" shawl collar - it stands up and away from the body, rather than flat against it. And oh, yeah, even more in-seam pockets. (They're easy to draft, okay??)

A much more successful back. You can see the seam twist above the elbow area.

Graceful curves and corners. Here you can see the sleeve turning into a set-in over the shoulder. Next time I'll use a sleeve board to press the thing, tho...

The only major problem with this pattern is the wrist – it’s too small. This is one of the few muslins I made this semester that I actually want to make up in real fabric. Some bulky wool that will really show off the seams…

I’d appreciate your honest feedback on these! I’m pretty proud of them, but that usually means I’m going to dislike them in a year as much as my other designs. I need an educated eye to help me improve on these. Thank you so much, in advance. :)

Love and Blessings,


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