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So, while I was searching for jobs, Trench and I stopped in at the place where I used to take my guitar lessons – Earhart Electronics (they repair instruments and sell accessories, too). Turns out Mr. Earhart remembered me, and we started talking about what I’ve been up to. Naturally, I told him about the TeeWrex, and he was interested. “Can you do anything to a necktie?”  I considered for a moment – yes, I could figure something out.  Trench made the amazing suggestion of a bandoleer of guitar picks…

アルバイトを探すとき、私とトレンチ君はギターの学科をした店(Earhart エレクトロニクス)に行きました。Earhartさんは私を覚えるし、TeeWrexについて話しました。”ね、ネックタイを使えるの?” はい、何かできるでしょう。トレンチ君はこのスゲーなギターピックの「タン薬帯」を作りました。。。


Yes, crappy picture, but better ones of the competed project are on the way! ^o^ I need to re-align some of the straps (made from a second unwanted tie) and drill holes into the picks Mr. Earhart gave me for the project.

下手な写真かなぁ。。。でも、もうすぐ、もっといいのをとってつもりですよ!^o^ 一も二ステップをしなくちゃ。。。

Next one will be a whole guitar neck, with frets and dots… :D


So, I asked on the Etsy boards about running a service-ish business like mine. Most people thought it was a good idea, but it’d take a lot to get customers to go through the trouble of sending me their tees. Also, I need more examples, and pictures. However, one slightly frightening possibility arose – my business might be labeled as “tailoring” and not allowed on Etsy! o_o;; Thankfully, the Etsy help guys came to my rescue, and said that as long as I show examples, have set prices, and make the nature of my business clear, it counts as “custom work” and is allowed. *sigh of relief* Yaay, doomsday averted. (これはあまり面白くないと思いますよ。^^;)

The family I’m spending the summer with is pretty supportive of my projects – they even donated some tee-shirts for me to make more examples (which I’ll also sell)! However, there were a couple with Japanese or Chinese phrases printed on them. To be sure I wasn’t selling something that said “radish” or “prostitute”, I used my handy-dandy Canon Wordtank to look ’em up… but this one alluded me until about 20 minutes ago.


I knew the small writing on the left read "daisuki", or "I love...". But what were the big kanji??

After some frustrated searching, I finally went to the website that made the tee (www.cosmic-world.net). And you know what it says?

“Awamori”. Awamori is a strong Okinawan distilled rice wine. “Awamori Daisuki” is a casual way of saying, “I love hard Japanese liquor”



The only problem with this discovery is turning the tee into something that isn’t totally disrespectful! xD



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To my dear friends who are joining me here,

I’m moving house and looking for work, so TeeWrex is on vacation for a short while! I’ll be back in full force within a week or two. Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to make this blog bilingual – I’m practicing Japanese so Ashley and I can start a business there some day! :D So if you see any mistakes, please correct them in the comments. I really appreciate it!




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