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Hello, dear readers! I’ve had a very productive week. The June 12th Marquis show was wonderful – we had 51 people at the club for our show! Details for the August show are solidifying, so more on that later. :3

At the urging of several of my successful acquaintances, I had some business cards printed up. So far, I’ve gotten a really positive response. :)

It's done in the style of a Victorian Calling card, with my own touches of whimsy added in. Stock by FlowerSong.DeviantArt.com

I also finished my first necktie reconstruction for Mr. Michael Earhart. He likes to wear interesting ties while he’s playing onstage with his band, Jimmy Adcock and the Texas Surfers, so with some old neckties, guitar picks, and a drill press, I made this for him.

Mr. Earhart of Main Street School of Music

Mr. Earhart loves his "new" tie! I took guitar lessons at his music school. :)

Close-up of the "guitar pick bandoleer"

In the close-up, you can see the "bandoleer" effect from the colorful, slanted picks.

It’s not a perfect job… I need to be more careful when re-sewing the tie together (there was a bit of twisting), and the picks aren’t perfectly straight, but both of us are really happy with the results! :) I’ll be doing a “guitar neck” tie with frets and dots and strings next. ^o^/ And, when I get my hands on some more ties, I’ll make these to sell on the Etsy page!

In other news, I’m officially going to FIT in the fall! I’m still not quite sure how I’ll pay for the whole thing, but God will provide, as He always has.

Love and blessings,

Naomi a.k.a. kagitsune


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So, while I was searching for jobs, Trench and I stopped in at the place where I used to take my guitar lessons – Earhart Electronics (they repair instruments and sell accessories, too). Turns out Mr. Earhart remembered me, and we started talking about what I’ve been up to. Naturally, I told him about the TeeWrex, and he was interested. “Can you do anything to a necktie?”  I considered for a moment – yes, I could figure something out.  Trench made the amazing suggestion of a bandoleer of guitar picks…

アルバイトを探すとき、私とトレンチ君はギターの学科をした店(Earhart エレクトロニクス)に行きました。Earhartさんは私を覚えるし、TeeWrexについて話しました。”ね、ネックタイを使えるの?” はい、何かできるでしょう。トレンチ君はこのスゲーなギターピックの「タン薬帯」を作りました。。。


Yes, crappy picture, but better ones of the competed project are on the way! ^o^ I need to re-align some of the straps (made from a second unwanted tie) and drill holes into the picks Mr. Earhart gave me for the project.

下手な写真かなぁ。。。でも、もうすぐ、もっといいのをとってつもりですよ!^o^ 一も二ステップをしなくちゃ。。。

Next one will be a whole guitar neck, with frets and dots… :D


So, I asked on the Etsy boards about running a service-ish business like mine. Most people thought it was a good idea, but it’d take a lot to get customers to go through the trouble of sending me their tees. Also, I need more examples, and pictures. However, one slightly frightening possibility arose – my business might be labeled as “tailoring” and not allowed on Etsy! o_o;; Thankfully, the Etsy help guys came to my rescue, and said that as long as I show examples, have set prices, and make the nature of my business clear, it counts as “custom work” and is allowed. *sigh of relief* Yaay, doomsday averted. (これはあまり面白くないと思いますよ。^^;)

The family I’m spending the summer with is pretty supportive of my projects – they even donated some tee-shirts for me to make more examples (which I’ll also sell)! However, there were a couple with Japanese or Chinese phrases printed on them. To be sure I wasn’t selling something that said “radish” or “prostitute”, I used my handy-dandy Canon Wordtank to look ’em up… but this one alluded me until about 20 minutes ago.


I knew the small writing on the left read "daisuki", or "I love...". But what were the big kanji??

After some frustrated searching, I finally went to the website that made the tee (www.cosmic-world.net). And you know what it says?

“Awamori”. Awamori is a strong Okinawan distilled rice wine. “Awamori Daisuki” is a casual way of saying, “I love hard Japanese liquor”



The only problem with this discovery is turning the tee into something that isn’t totally disrespectful! xD


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Lately, turning men’s shirts into skirts has been popular, but I’m not really a fan of the typical sleeves-to-gores method. So when I found a wonderful XXL Avirex label button-down at the thrift store, I knew it was destined for greatness. I proceeded to cut off the bottom half of the shirt, using the column of buttons as the main closure for the skirt. I drafted and cut a skirt yoke, figured out how jeans pockets work, and gathered and sewed it all together. This is the result! (thanks to my soul-sister Emily for the photos!)

I still have to work out a couple kinks, but overall I'm pretty satisfied. :3

I love how this fabric has that "classy punk" feel. <3 I'm gonna seek out more from this Avirex brand. All those brands they sell at The Buckle look ideal, too... so expensive and pretty tho... ;_;

Here’s the back. I had to cut off the bottom “flappies” of the original shirt to keep it from looking too, well… shirt-like. ^^;

This was a really fun challenge. The pockets were like working out a puzzle, since the side seams of the shirt had been flat-felled. I finished them the lazy way, but I think next time I do this I’ll re-do most of the seam. ^^ Also, working with dress shirt fabric is, ah… interesting. It washes beautifully, but it wrinkles like the dickens. xD

This design (not this skirt – your shirt turned into a similar one) is going up on the TeeWrex.Etsy.com store in a matter of days!! :D

As a special bonus, I’m also wearing my next jacket mod project. When I found these two shirts, I knew their “victorian tattoo” designs needed to be incorporated together somehow. Well, I began looking for a jacket… Ashley found EXACTLY what I needed when we were at Lula-B’s, and I set to work!

This is quickly becoming my "nerdy punk jacket", with tape measure appliques, odd religious paraphernalia,what have you. Don't you just love those diesel-punk details and that Victorian Military color and cut??

"His eye is on the Sparrow". The rest will be added later. :3

The back is unfinished, but turning out awesome. Roses crawling over the shoulders, a winged handshake (o_o?), and the enigmatic "Revolving Punk" moniker applique'd as a flying banner (I'm particularly proud of that one).

(Don’t forget you can click on the pictures to see them full size! :D)

My style has been all over the place lately. Some days I feel like looking exactly like a boy, sometimes I want to feel like some sort of cute biker chick gothette, and other days I dress like a sweet pastel Lolita princess (or a sweet pastel Gothic princess, take your pick). Since I just moved house and not all my clothes are here (similar to my situation in December), working within a limited wardrobe has forced me to become even more creative with my daily style, as well as wear my favorite clothes more often. This is an exercise I recommend to every fashion-savvy individual looking to update their look, as well as get the most out of their existing wardrobe. (Actually, it occurs to me that Doe Deere is doing something similar this week. :) )

Oh, I also made some more headway on the Marquis of Vaudeville costumes… My Lord, they look so beautiful so far…

Love and Creativity,


P.S. Oh, remind me to blog about the carbon-atom-based dresses I learned about at Scarbie. This designer is a mad scientist after my own heart… <3

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To my dear friends who are joining me here,

I’m moving house and looking for work, so TeeWrex is on vacation for a short while! I’ll be back in full force within a week or two. Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to make this blog bilingual – I’m practicing Japanese so Ashley and I can start a business there some day! :D So if you see any mistakes, please correct them in the comments. I really appreciate it!




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To all my dear Texan readers, May 21st is a day you will want to be in Dallas! Marquis of Vaudeville, that Edwardian Entourage of Musical Phantasmagore, will be co-headlining with the great Saint Karla (celebrating their brand new album) at Deep Ellum’s legendary Curtain Club. They will be supported by the beautifully ambient Auxiliary Voice that very evening. So, if you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, join the cacophonously creative ranks of The Wild Lost and join us for a night to remember. Dressing up is encouraged, so go all out! Hope to see you there! :D

So, another day brings yet another introduction to one of my lovely tee-shirt modifications. Today, I give you…

The Lace Yoke Collar

me wearing the modified "Disciple" tee

Isn't she a beaut? ^__^

Funny enough, this complex number is actually one of my first tee-shirt modifications. The baroque, filigree design of the angels crossing swords inspired me to fill in the neckline with beautiful, sexy-but-modest lace. I am on the hunt for higher quality laces, but I think the demo/personal wardrobe piece turned out quite nicely, don’t you think? :3

It seems that I deal with grief by throwing myself into my work. I began the work on this only a couple days after my dad was killed… (see the “About Me” tab). However, this tee does not carry a sad memory with it. Instead, it is a testament to how my faith and God’s Peace came to my aid during a time of great tragedy… a time that is still not over, but that too shall pass.

back of the lace yoke collar top

The back's design needs some re-working. I might do more buttons, or maybe I just need to be more careful when cutting the lace! ^^;

I do offer a similar modification in my Etsy. If you have a beautiful tee that you think could use this treatment, send it my way!

Tomorrow, I’ll show off the inestimable “Hard Rock Rococo”! But if you can’t wait, you can go to my DeviantArt page and find it there… ;3

Until then,


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First of all, I’d like to sing the base tee’s praises:

Japanese Woodcut style parody tee-shirt

Aliens vs. Samurai. Epic. WIN.

It’s comfy, beautifully printed, and reasonably priced. You can contact ionwizard [at] yahoo.com if you’re interested in buying one for yourself! He’s got all kinds of kitchy, pop-culture remix designs. :D

So, on to the finished product!

I realized that an old college tee of mine was made from the same soft fabric, so I used that to make sleeves and a collar for my haori-to-be. I added some cotton kimono-print fabric I had, and…

Silly pose with comfy Haori


wearing the haori

I love the look of the kimono print peeking out, like I'm wearing a second haori underneath.

back of the haori

The collar turned out surprisingly well, even though it tends to flop. Next time I'll use interfacing. Isn't that Japanese woodcut design just epic??

As you can see, I can work with any tee – I’ll even put the design on the back to avoid spoiling it with cuts!

When I e-mailed IonWizard to show off the results, this is what he responded with:

Wow! Naomi – we’re so impressed! (and honored) What an amazing transformation!
Also, very nice work with the Empire Strikes Back tee. Shweet!
You have some interesting web content at TeeWrex and forgottendoll.
Have you heard about http://makersmarket.com/ ? Your products would fit right in there. ;D
I need to join up with those guys, (and Etsy), for better coverage…
May I ask, how are sales?
I so much want to make creativity my sole source of income, but it’s a struggle.
Is this a do-it-because-I-enjoy-it, or are you trying to take it alllll the way to the bank?
(I like to talk shop/biz)
Again, Nice Work!!
His question about my motives bring up some interesting questions. Why *do* I do what I do? What are my goals? I mean, I’m getting ready to go to this fancy fashion design school, but why? Couldn’t I just take classes closer to home?
I too, want to live by the work of my hands and my mind. That’s why I left engineering school, after all. I didn’t want to be a slave to the illusion of security and a steady income – things can *always* go awry, no matter what your profession. I only have a limited amount of time on this Earth – and I’ve got to use that time for the Glory of God. I believe that I can best glorify  God through my gift of design. I want to help women feel beautiful, men feel powerful. And the limited sizing and design ranges currently on the market are not doing that.
I don’t do anything half-heartedly, and I’ll have the best opportunities in the industry at FIT. I’ll have better connections to driven people who can help me realize my dream – a fashion industry that doesn’t only design for models, standardized mannequins, and heads of state. I have all kinds of ideas on how to combine tailoring with manufacturing…
Yes, I have looked at the schools in Texas and Indiana, where my friends and family live. But I cannot allow myself to be tied down by anything or anyone, except for God and my future husband and family. I will work as hard as I can until God puts me where he needs me, and I have faith that I will then be ready for whatever task He has planned for me.

So, Big Life Questions aside, if you’re ready to order your very own “Comfy Haori”, head on over to my Etsy shop and order away!



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So, I picked a fitted, shoulder-padded pinstripe jacket at the thrift store for $1. Cheap, stretchy polyester. Unlined. Slightly too small, but passable. So, what’s a crafty girl to do?

embroidery on jacket shoulder

...why, embroider automotive pinstripes on it, of course! Here's the shoulder.

embroidery on upper back of pinstriped jacket

honestly, I think the design came out rather western-looking. Even though I was starting with Art Nouveau motifs...

detail of embroidery on upper back of jacket


Actually, the jacket has many more hours of work left to do. I plan to add piping to the collar and hem (which is falling apart), some lace cuffs, button-and-chain closures…. and even more embroidery, including my ranking and titles for The Wild Lost. This thing is going to be EPIC.

And finally, as promised, I have photos for all of my latest “TeeWrex” efforts! But I’m not going to dump them all on you at once (I’ve already subjected my DeviantArt followers to that xD). I’ll upload the photos, one project at a time, for the next couple days, with complete explanations. So if you can’t wait to see, head over to my DeviantArt Gallery!

So without further ado, I give you the newest installment in my line of available tee-shirt modifications…


modified tee-shirt

two cuts. two tees. Total WIN.

Like your favorite video game, this mod makes you feel like a superhero! This modification is different for each tee. I make maximum use of the original, “base” tee’s printed design. For this particular tee (my absolute favorite, even before I modded it), the original design was awesome, but there was this huge blank space on the top right. Boring!

My first idea was to simply cut it out at a cool-looking angle and wear a tank top under it… well, that didn’t quite work. Not very flattering, no added interest…

So when I found this awesome shield design on an old fraternity tee at the thrift store, I knew what needed to happen!

This tee is now officially my favorite FAVORITE top. Sexy modesty, that’s the way!

There’s actually one more hack’d n’ slash’d tee that we photographed, but haven’t developed yet. Do wait!

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