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Hey guys, had a little break for some real life stuff, but now I’m ready to show you my latest Lolita endeavor. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

Hard Rock Rococo

hand-gathered/elastic-gathered neckline

If Marie Antionette lived today and had a penchant for the macabre...

Hand-gathered ruffled hem

...she would wear this.

full shot of the dress front

Funny enough, most people notice the amazing *print* first (Alexander Henry, fyi)

full back of the dress

... and then they're surprised I made it myself! (Hopefully that doesn't mean the print is more interesting than my design! ^^; )

another shot of the dress front

I designed the dress, drafted all the patterns, and sewed and pleated the entire thing.

torso detail

I did some crazy cutting to make the pleats exactly how I wanted! I even made piping to go between the bodice and skirt.

I started Hard Rock Rococo in October – this gorgeous skulls/roses/card suit/fleur de lis/baroque/crowns/butterflies fabric was love at first sight for me. I actually designed the dress *for* the print. x3

I like to think of this dress as a study in contradictions. Sweet lolita but also Gothic, pink but macabre, tailored but tacky, artistic but absurd.

If you look closely at the white ruffling at the neckline and hem (remember, you can always click on a photo see it full size), you’ll see that it’s not pure white – rather, it’s white-on-white printed fabric. I love the delicate, subtle detail this stuff adds to a project – I don’t think I’ll use plain white fabric ever again! <3

I will make or commission a feather fascinator to go with this, possibly involving a bird skull (found or replica). But for now, I have my Scala top hat and my vintage pearl choker to come along for the ride. ^^ I officially debuted this dress at the Marquis of Vaudeville promo appearance at the Steampunk Evening event in Irving last month!

So, what do you think? Awful or Awesome? Let me know in the comments!



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