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When I went to Scarborough Faire a couple weeks ago, I ran across this teeny tiny stall, where a man was selling colorful, cotton dresses.  I didn’t have the money to buy one at the time, but I know I have to share this absolute brilliance with you.

I love multi-way design, and this is the first 35-way (!!) garment I’ve seen that appeals to my engineer side so strongly. It’s a hexagon skirt (inspired by the shape of a basic carbon molecule) attached to a tube bodice, with drawstrings, a zipper, and two pockets. In it’s most basic form, it is a sun dress, but it can be anything – a poncho, a pair of pants, a tote bag, or a pillow (as well as many other styles of dress). Mr. Rock Ridgeway has been working on the design for decades, finally perfecting it and selling it all over the world.

I’m not endorsing or advertising Cameleon Clothes… I’m just so excited about the concept that I thought it was worth sharing. :3 So, if you are interested, check out Rock’s website and get one for yourself!! :D It’s definitely on my list of larger-purchases-in-the-near-future. ^^

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