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Bicycle, Bicycle

My boyfriend and his mom had my beloved Electra Townie bike shipped to me, and I got it on Friday. I’m now trying to figure out how to attach the front wheel and re-configure the brakes… o_o;

I’ve been on a little 1940’s kick. That, and I’m focusing a lot on tee-shirt reconstructions. I really want to show you what I’ve got now – but that’ll have to wait until the photos get developed. Before-after pics up in the next couple weeks!! I think if I’m going to make this a serious blog, though, I’ll have to get a decent digital camera. Any recommendations on an inexpensive point-and-shoot with a good user interface?

In the meantime, I just might put together a few tutorials and post them here. What do you think?

And, with that little update, I’ll see you all again soon!




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