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two projects on the table. Check out the matched stripes on the vest!! :D

So, we’ve finally finished shopping for fabric for the Marquis of Vaudeville costume project. We juuuust might have a debut date set, so momentum is high. I’ll be working tirelessly on these until I get a job interview (whenever that might be, economy mumble obama mumble etc). I’m having a lot of fun on these – I’m sooo proud of the mitering job I did on the drummer’s striped vest! (helpful hint for working with plaids and stripes: color on your paper patterns *wink*)

All I hope is that he doesn’t end up looking like one of those traffic signs that mean “DO NOT CRASH INTO ME”… >_>;;

Now I’m working on the velvet bits of the singer’s tailcoat-waistcoat set. :3 But I’m also concerned about the band members heating up – most of these fabrics are thick, and we couldn’t afford the fancy, breathable, not-polyester silks… v_v But it’s all part of the adventure! We’re gonna finish this project, learn from it, and do even better in the future! :D

じゃ、私たちはMarqus of Vaudveilleの服装の布地のショッピングを終わりました!デビューの日をしているでしょうから、はずみがついてくる。仕事の面接をするまで、この服装にがんばりますよ!ちょう楽しいし、たくさん新しい技術を生得しました!でも、あの赤いで黒いベストは道路標識みたいかなあ。。。^^;

With love and excitement,


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