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First of all, I’d like to sing the base tee’s praises:

Japanese Woodcut style parody tee-shirt

Aliens vs. Samurai. Epic. WIN.

It’s comfy, beautifully printed, and reasonably priced. You can contact ionwizard [at] yahoo.com if you’re interested in buying one for yourself! He’s got all kinds of kitchy, pop-culture remix designs. :D

So, on to the finished product!

I realized that an old college tee of mine was made from the same soft fabric, so I used that to make sleeves and a collar for my haori-to-be. I added some cotton kimono-print fabric I had, and…

Silly pose with comfy Haori


wearing the haori

I love the look of the kimono print peeking out, like I'm wearing a second haori underneath.

back of the haori

The collar turned out surprisingly well, even though it tends to flop. Next time I'll use interfacing. Isn't that Japanese woodcut design just epic??

As you can see, I can work with any tee – I’ll even put the design on the back to avoid spoiling it with cuts!

When I e-mailed IonWizard to show off the results, this is what he responded with:

Wow! Naomi – we’re so impressed! (and honored) What an amazing transformation!
Also, very nice work with the Empire Strikes Back tee. Shweet!
You have some interesting web content at TeeWrex and forgottendoll.
Have you heard about http://makersmarket.com/ ? Your products would fit right in there. ;D
I need to join up with those guys, (and Etsy), for better coverage…
May I ask, how are sales?
I so much want to make creativity my sole source of income, but it’s a struggle.
Is this a do-it-because-I-enjoy-it, or are you trying to take it alllll the way to the bank?
(I like to talk shop/biz)
Again, Nice Work!!
His question about my motives bring up some interesting questions. Why *do* I do what I do? What are my goals? I mean, I’m getting ready to go to this fancy fashion design school, but why? Couldn’t I just take classes closer to home?
I too, want to live by the work of my hands and my mind. That’s why I left engineering school, after all. I didn’t want to be a slave to the illusion of security and a steady income – things can *always* go awry, no matter what your profession. I only have a limited amount of time on this Earth – and I’ve got to use that time for the Glory of God. I believe that I can best glorify  God through my gift of design. I want to help women feel beautiful, men feel powerful. And the limited sizing and design ranges currently on the market are not doing that.
I don’t do anything half-heartedly, and I’ll have the best opportunities in the industry at FIT. I’ll have better connections to driven people who can help me realize my dream – a fashion industry that doesn’t only design for models, standardized mannequins, and heads of state. I have all kinds of ideas on how to combine tailoring with manufacturing…
Yes, I have looked at the schools in Texas and Indiana, where my friends and family live. But I cannot allow myself to be tied down by anything or anyone, except for God and my future husband and family. I will work as hard as I can until God puts me where he needs me, and I have faith that I will then be ready for whatever task He has planned for me.

So, Big Life Questions aside, if you’re ready to order your very own “Comfy Haori”, head on over to my Etsy shop and order away!



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