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A couple months ago, I was lying awake late on night, and I started drawing. Just… drawing someone beautiful. It wasn’t anyone in particular, just an Asian woman with blue eyes, short hair, and distinctive eyes and lips.

The first "ideal beauty"

What started it all

As I drew her, a sort of Project grew in my mind, complete with rules, guidelines…

I call it the Ideal Beauty Experiment.

The Experiment explores cultural and individual ideals of beauty. The basic experiment asks participants to create an image or description of a person they consider to be beautiful. This beauty is defined only by “genes, spirit, and haircut.” Basically, no make-up, jewelry, or other enhancing decoration…

The Experiment has since grown a little… more ideas. My boyfriend suggested that Native Americans in general are beautiful (racial beauty). His mom suggested pictures of hands at work (celebration of the human spirit). Other people suggested writing poetry in honor of beauty. This is the first official announcement I made for the Experiment. (I hope you can see it) A couple of things have changed and I’ll be making a new news post on Deviantart once I have more time to devote to this, but if you are interested and want to take up the cause, please go ahead! You have my blessing! :D

So far, there are 5 images in the Ideal Beauty Collection. I invite you to join me in the celebration of human beauty, and the global embracing of different ideals and standards. This truly is just for fun. This is not a research project, a study in racial supremacy, or anything nasty like that. It is simply a question: “What is beautiful to you?

Let’s see what else has been entered in the Experiment…

Caucasian Male ideal

Not a huge fan of this one... but I might try again

Black female

Cute expression, but the hands kinda ruined it.

These next ones were made or submitted by other people!

"She Walks..." by Bizenghast

by my DeviantArt.com friend Bizenghast. Inspired by "She Walks in Beauty" by Byron

Native American beauty

Submitted by my boyfriend - from WoodCoCompany.com

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