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So, last night, as I considered how/if I would meet with two Partners in Crime to visit a giant flea market, another issue came to mind. I am applying for the AIGA Worldstudio scholarship, and this delightful monstrosity is what I originally planned to submit for my “Self Portrait”:

Victorian Cameo-style self-portrait, in a "gothic" colorscheme

I realized that this would be far too gaudy. Wrong feel, wrong impression… It’s good for a business card, but not for a “portrait”.

As I considered my dilemma, I noticed the origami paper I bought in Japan sitting on my desk. Two hours later…

Origami Collage Self-Portrait

I know it’s not perfect, but I’m pleased with my first attempt at a collage portrait. I find that I get my best ideas when I pay attention to my instincts and act upon them immediately. ^^

Speaking of Collage, I discovered Linc’s Fabric Works during my semi-legendary 8 hour stopover in Atlanta. I was absolutely enchanted… I stood alone in the Library for hours, soaking up the colors of the one-man show. Simply extraordinary… Perhaps it inspired last night’s feverish experiments?

I’ll find out about the scholarship in June. Wish me luck, pray for me, send me good vibrations… whatever it is you might do. I need to find grants so I can get my fashion design education.

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