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Hello, dear readers! I’ve had a very productive week. The June 12th Marquis show was wonderful – we had 51 people at the club for our show! Details for the August show are solidifying, so more on that later. :3

At the urging of several of my successful acquaintances, I had some business cards printed up. So far, I’ve gotten a really positive response. :)

It's done in the style of a Victorian Calling card, with my own touches of whimsy added in. Stock by FlowerSong.DeviantArt.com

I also finished my first necktie reconstruction for Mr. Michael Earhart. He likes to wear interesting ties while he’s playing onstage with his band, Jimmy Adcock and the Texas Surfers, so with some old neckties, guitar picks, and a drill press, I made this for him.

Mr. Earhart of Main Street School of Music

Mr. Earhart loves his "new" tie! I took guitar lessons at his music school. :)

Close-up of the "guitar pick bandoleer"

In the close-up, you can see the "bandoleer" effect from the colorful, slanted picks.

It’s not a perfect job… I need to be more careful when re-sewing the tie together (there was a bit of twisting), and the picks aren’t perfectly straight, but both of us are really happy with the results! :) I’ll be doing a “guitar neck” tie with frets and dots and strings next. ^o^/ And, when I get my hands on some more ties, I’ll make these to sell on the Etsy page!

In other news, I’m officially going to FIT in the fall! I’m still not quite sure how I’ll pay for the whole thing, but God will provide, as He always has.

Love and blessings,

Naomi a.k.a. kagitsune


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