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Hey guys! So, I’ve recently picked up a BUNCH of new (old) tee-shirts to practice my ideas on! I’ve got so many ideas, I can hardly keep up with them – I just make what I can!

Today, as a special sneak peek, I’ve got “Before” photos of my current projects! What will they become? Stay tuned…

In anticipation of my Tee-WREX sales, I’ve already set up an Etsy store. Watch that space for more info on ordering your own tee-shirt modification! :D

EDIT: So, my first modification on the Star Wars tee was kind of impractical… I had to wear something under it to maintain my modesty! So, I took the dragon design from a tee I’m using for another project, and I added it in…

Finished modified Tee

Just a little preview... Better pictures on the horizon!

There’ll be a MASSIVE photo dump of “wrecked” tees once the weather clears up and we can take some nice photos! Are you excited yet??? ^o^//


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Bicycle, Bicycle

My boyfriend and his mom had my beloved Electra Townie bike shipped to me, and I got it on Friday. I’m now trying to figure out how to attach the front wheel and re-configure the brakes… o_o;

I’ve been on a little 1940’s kick. That, and I’m focusing a lot on tee-shirt reconstructions. I really want to show you what I’ve got now – but that’ll have to wait until the photos get developed. Before-after pics up in the next couple weeks!! I think if I’m going to make this a serious blog, though, I’ll have to get a decent digital camera. Any recommendations on an inexpensive point-and-shoot with a good user interface?

In the meantime, I just might put together a few tutorials and post them here. What do you think?

And, with that little update, I’ll see you all again soon!



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It’s what I was made to do. When I was 7, I was obsessed with Sailor Moon and I acquired a Sailor Moon-themed shoebox (not the shoes). I would stare at it for hours, imagining how I would put together my very own sailor costume and fight crime… and in 2003, I made my first Cosplay for my first Anime convention. I made one for my sister, too. For a long time, that was all I sewed – costumes from anime and video games. And I got pretty good…

Me modeling my Fairy Paine cosplay

Fairy Paine from Kingdom Hearts 2. Photo by Eternal Serenity

But eventually, I made this:

Me wearing my first lolita dress

Modified from a commercial pattern. Gored skirt with ruffles galore! Photo by RabidFanBoy.com

This is Lolita fashion, my number-one muse for the past 3 or four years. Lolita is a Japanese street fashion that takes its cues from Victorian girl’s fashion, antique dolls, and Versailles-era Rococo. It can be Gothic, Sweet, Classic,  or Casual, but it is always modest and always has a knee-length skirt with a fluffy pannier/petticoat underneath. I have since progressed from simple dresses and blouses from modified patterns, to making my own patterns and using wild fabrics:

Me posing in my Alice dress

This fabric features Alice in Wonderland characters inside gold-trimmed playing cards. Definitely my best work 'til now. Photo by Kuragiman

I also do t-shirt reconstructions, which I like to call Tee-Wrex. I “wreck” otherwise boring or ill-fitting tee-shirts into one-of-a-kind creations! (I take commissions, too. ;) )

Apocalyptica tour tee reconstruction

"Wrecked" Apocalyptica tour tee. I corseted the sides! Photo by Kuragiman.

I still cosplay from time-to-time, though. My latest effort got Best in Show at the All-Con 2010 Cosplay contest!

Me wearing my Myoubi cosplay

Myoubi from the manga Alichino. I had to "get pale" for this one. xD Photo by PhongoPhotography

So, right now I’ve got some really awesome projects. I’m working on another original Lolita design (it’s an incredible one…), and I’m working on the costumes for the local band Marquis of Vaudeville! They’ve got this amazing turn-of-the-century, psychedelic rock vibe… I highly recommend them. :D As a treat, here’s the designs and fabric swatches for each member of the band!!

Fashion designs for Marquis of Vaudeville costumes

From top to bottom: Toby the vocalist, Bryan the guitarist, Tyrel the (South African) bassist, and Phil the (Mohawk'd) drummer

With that introduction, this blog will mostly be about my progress on these and other projects. Stay tuned for more Tee-Wrex, band costumes, and Lolita! :D

With Love,

Naomi, a.k.a. Kagitsune

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